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KardGard Refueling Club

24/SEVEN Advanced Motor Fuels Offer Significant Savings

At today's prices, buy the best gasoline and diesel fuel offered. Gasoline and Diesel Fuel that will increase mileage and burn cleaner. Available ONLY at Bradigan's 24/SEVEN KardGard Refueling Club. Better mileage at competitive prices. Expect more - get more at Bradigan's. The best gasoline and diesel fuel anywhere. Bradigan's introduces an anti-friction modifier additive to its gasoline. For its diesel fuel customers, we upgrade conventional No. 2 diesel fuel to a High Quality Premium Diesel Fuel year round. These state-of-the-art additive packages increase mileage and keep your engines running at peak performance levels. At today's prices, a 5% increase in fuel mileage is a 5% savings at the pump. Please see table below.

Cost Per Gallon Increased
Fuel Mileage
KardGard Savings
Per Gallon
$2.50 5% $ .125
$3.00 5% $ .150
$3.50 5% $ .175
$4.00 5% $ .200
$4.50 5% $ .225
$5.00 5% $ .250

KardGard Refueling locations:

114 S. Water St Ext., Kittanning PA 16201 (Bradigan's Headquarters)
13173 ST RT 422 EAST, Kittanning PA 16201 (Rosebud Trucking)
870 Claypoole Road, Worthington PA 16262 (Toy's Pipeline Services)
173 East Brady Road, Kittanning PA 16201 (Toy's Golden Dawn)
601 Broad Street, New Bethlehem PA 16242 (Heffner Brothers)
Bradigan's KardGard Locations


Cities and Towns Served by KardGard Refueling Club:

Adrian, PA 16210 Brady's Bend, PA 16208 Bruin, PA 16022 Cadogan, PA 16212
Chicora, PA 16025 Commodore, PA 15729 Cowansville, PA 16218 Distant, PA 16223
East Brady, PA 16028 Fairmount City, PA 16224 Ford City, PA 16226 Ford Cliff, PA 16228
Hawthorn, PA 16230 Kellersburg, PA 16259 Kittanning, PA 16201 Manorville, PA 16238
Mayport, PA 16240 New Bethlehem, PA 16242 Oak Ridge, PA 16245 Seminole, PA 16253
South Bethlehem, PA 16242 Summerville, PA 15864 Templeton, PA 16259 Widnoon, PA 16261
Worthington, PA 16262

By joining KardGard Refueling Club, you will be issued, free of charge, KardGard membership cards to use whenever you refuel your vehicles. Each time your KardGard card is used, a comprehensive computerized record of the transaction will be created using the following important information:


  • Membership card number
  • Time and date of purchase
  • Odometer reading (optional)
  • Type of fuel purchased
  • Miscellaneous code (optional)
  • Quantity and cost of purchase
  • Breakdown of applicable taxes

In addition to a concise, easy-to-read, monthly record of your fuel purchases, Bradigan's KardGard Refueling Club offers you the following additional benefits:

  • 24/7 availability to fuel.
  • No waiting in lines at the pump or at a cash register. Private refueling saves company time and time is money.
  • Cost-competitive, quality motor fuels.
  • No annual credit card fees.
  • No need to carry cash or credit cards.
  • Five fuel choices: On-road low sulfur clear diesel, Regular unleaded gasoline, Super unleaded gasoline, Unleaded Plus gasoline, Off-road dyed diesel (422 East only).
  • Well maintained - well lighted - safe refueling locations
  • Locally owned and operated.
  • Over 60 years experience in the petroleum industry
  • 24/SEVEN Advanced Motor Fuel - Competitive price - Increased mileage


Call 1-800-523-3240 to sign up or click here to complete application.

We Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover
Bradigan's accepts VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover
Apply for credit: Individuals | Businesses

U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Visit the link to EIA Web site below and scroll to the gas pump images to see what we pay for in a gallon of gas.

(EIA Web Site)


Environmental claims can be exaggerated. - Not at Bradigan's. Bradigan's products and services are all about green. - They help diminish negative impacts on the environment. The motor fuels that Bradigan's offers through its KardGard Refueling Club are fortified with anti-friction modifiers that increases fuel mileage. Motor oils and lubricants are designed and treated with state-of-the-art additive packages that increases mileage, oil drain intervals and reduces metallic wear. Energy-saving, high-efficiency furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners have high SEER ratings. Hearth products such as gas-fired fireplaces, gas log inserts, wood stoves, and pellet stoves lower heating bills. Wood and wood pellets are renewable resources.
Go Green - Go with Bradigan's!