Bradigan’s now offers 90 Octane Ethanol-Free gasoline

You might have been hearing some talk about the potential harm that ethanol gasoline has on your vehicle(s). According to the EPA ethanol gas will reduce your fuel economy approximately 3%. Many people are realizing these effects are sometimes greater than the average 3%. Besides reduced mileage, ethanol aggressively attracts water, which leads to poor driveability and other issues. Ethanol is also corrosive to some metals and rubber, and while an oft-cited issue in the ethanol debate, the corrosion problem doesn’t seem to show up much in the modern automotive sphere. However, water absorption is a real issue in classic car, marine, outdoor and aviation arenas. For these reasons, a lawsuit against the ethanol blend mandate has been filed by some auto and boat makers, plus outdoor equipment companies [1].

Bradigan’s now offers 90 Octane Ethanol-Free gasoline

As part of our company wide initiative to bring greater value to our customers, we are now offering 90 Octane Ethanol-Free gasoline for delivery and at our 114 South Water Street Ext. KardGard location.

“We’re always looking for ways to better improve our products to benefit the customer,” says Andy Bradigan of Bradigan’s Inc. “Offering 90 Octane Ethanol-Free gasoline provides that option for them.”

With ethanol free gas you can expect:

  • Increased fuel economy
  • Reduction of water build up in your engine’s system
  • A “pure gas” with no bio-derivatives.
  • A better alternative for small engine equipment such as lawnmowers, trimmers, chainsaws, and snow blowers

Join the KardGard Refueling Club

By joining KardGard Refueling Club, you will be issued, free of charge, KardGard membership cards to use whenever you refuel your vehicles. Each time your KardGard card is used, a comprehensive computerized record of the transaction will be created using the following important information:

  • Membership card number
  • Time and date of purchase
  • Odometer reading (optional)
  • Type of fuel purchased
  • Miscellaneous code (optional)
  • Quantity and cost of purchase
  • Breakdown of applicable taxes

To learn more about our KardGard Refueling Club click here.

Fuel up your cars, boats, ATV’s and power equipment at our South Water Street Ext KardGard location

For those that are local to Kittanning, we offer non-ethanol gasoline at our pumps 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at our South Water Street Ext KardGard location. Just follow the map at the bottom of this page or contact our office at 724-548-7654 for more information.

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