What is a Whistle Vent?

Have you ever been present when your oil tank was being refilled and heard a whistling sound that you had never heard before? That whistling is not a sign that your tank is broken. Rather it shows that the tank is in good working order. When that whistling is going on, it indicates that the tank is not full of oil yet and so the person filling the oil will keep pouring. When the whistling stops, it shows that the tank is now full to capacity. An oil tank vent whistle is important in safe guarding the environment from the dangers of oil spills [1].

First time home owners may not be aware of this but buying a home where there is an existing oil tank may come with a host of challenges that nobody may have anticipated. Companies that fill up the tanks with oil may refuse to fill the tank if the whistle does not work. This is because oil leaks and spills are very serious, and there are many environmental laws that these companies must comply with. Filling an oil tank without the guidance of that whistle may lead to spills and contamination. Since nobody wants to deal with the expense and inconvenience of a non functional whistle, it is best to make sure that it is in good working order [1].

The Department of Labor & Industry requires that all indoor oil tanks with outside fills have a Whistle Vent to prevent overfill. This audible alarm is mandatory on any oil tank where the tank is not visible during filling such as in a basement. If your tank requires a Whistle Vent call us today at 724-543-3322  to discuss the installation of this device. As a courtesy you will receive a 10% discount on the installation service call.

Sources: [1] http://alloiltank.com/oil-tank-whistle/


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