Check Your Tank Levels, and Other Heating Fuel Information for Winter

Brrr. It’s getting cold out there. With winter just weeks away, it’s time to think about your fuel levels and proper fuel storage maintenance. There’s no reason to go without fuel or have your fuel gel in cold temperatures. Bradigan’s can help get you through the cold season with little to no hangups.

If you heat your home with heating fuel:

• Check your tank levels often – in these cold temperature’s usage will increase rapidly. Average consumption in these temps is 8-9 gallons per day with the average being 5-7 gal
• Be as proactive as possible – when your tank reaches¼ – that should give us adequate time to respond and make a delivery before you would run out
• Be sure all outside above ground tanks are heavily treated with anti-gel additives or use kerosene to prevent gelling
• Keep driveways, sidewalks, etc. clear for our drivers to ensure smooth on-time deliveries

Important Information:

• Bradigan’s stocks chemical additives that can allow fuel that is already gelled up to reliquify and flow freely again
• Any station that sells diesel fuel or kerosene can be a source for you to purchase 15-20 gallons to get you through until we can get your fuel to you should you run out
• Please take a moment to check on your neighbors, friends and pets to make sure they are safe and prepared for the extreme weather

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