Bradigan’s Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., joins the Armstrong Group of Companies

New owner presented a $30,000 check to the Richard G. Snyder YMCA campus

By | on August 10, 2019

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In a press release, Armstrong Comfort Solutions, of Butler, Pa., this week announced Bradigan’s HVAC is now a part of of the company.

The following is information that is part of the press release: Armstrong Comfort Solutions currently offers heating, cooling and plumbing services to customers in Butler, Allegheny and Mercer counties.

“We are excited to become a part of the community and build upon the strong reputation Paul Bradigan and his employees have earned here in Kittanning,” said Don Tacik, president of Armstrong Comfort Solutions.

“Our company always puts the customer first, and we know that’s been Bradigan’s philosophy over the past 43 years,” he added.

Paul Bradigan, owner of Bradigan’s, noted that the company will still own and operate their petroleum business.

“We are only divesting the HVAC portion of our business,” said Bradigan, “and we will continue to deliver heating oil and offer quality petroleum products to our many customers in the area.”

Bradigan also noted that Armstrong was the perfect fit to take over the HVAC portion of his business.

“As we began talking with Armstrong, it quickly became apparent that they shared our values and beliefs in how to conduct business. It’s really going from one family owned business to another.”

“They share our goals of quality customer service, community involvement and commitment to our employees,” Bradigan said.

Added Tacik: “Armstrong Comfort Solutions is excited to enter into an agreement with Bradigan’s. We were looking for a way to expand our business into additional communities and adding the quality employees of Bradigan’s will help us achieve that goal in Armstrong County and beyond.”

“And we are very glad that Paul and Sharon Bradigan will be working with us to help make the transition seamless and to introduce us to customers in this area,” Tacik said.

In a recent interview with the Leader Times, Bradigan and Tacik said the transition took place on July 23.

Tacik said Armstrong Comfort Solutions was formed in the beginning of 2018, and it provides heating and plumbing services.

He said the company has been looking to expand into the Kittanning/Armstrong County area, and said Comfort

Solutions will continue to use the Bradigan’s name and facility on South Water Street, in Kittanning Borough.

Bradigan said customers shouldn’t notice any change, as not only is Comfort Solutions going to be using Bradigan’s facility and trucks, but have hired all of Bradigan’s current employees.

“My values and my core beliefs of how I ran it for 43 years are very similar at Armstrong,” Bradigan said.

Tacik said Armstrong Comfort Solutions is under the Armstrong Group of Companies, which was founded by Kittanning Borough native Jud Sedwick in 1946.

He said it is exciting, as a company, that an Armstrong business is now in Kittanning, stating they are going back to their roots and coming full circle.

Tacik also noted that they are planning to offer plumbing service as well.

“We currently offer plumbing in our other locations, and plan to make those services available here,” he said. “We are always looking for quality employees to help us grow our business.”

New owner presents check to YMCA

On Tuesday, Tacik, along with Paul Bradigan and his son, Andy Bradigan, presented a $30,000 check to the Richard G. Snyder YMCA campus in Kittanning, for its annual campaign.

“We’re happy to support you. You have a beautiful facility,” Tacik said. “I’m proud of the things the Y(MCA) does.”

Tacik said Jud Sedwick and the Sedwick family have greatly supported the YMCA throughout the years, and he said the donation to the campaign came from the Sedwick Family Foundation.

In particular, Tacik said Jud, for years, would pay the memberships for many children at the YMCA, so that they would be able to attend for free.

YMCA Interim CEO and Director of Operations Brad Graham said he is truly thankful for the donation and the support.

He said the annual campaign ensures that everyone in Armstrong County, regardless of, age, income, or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

The Richard G. Snyder YMCA Campus connects people through community collaborations to bridge the critical gaps in the Armstrong County community.

Tacik said Armstrong Comfort Solutions is looking forward to working further with the YMCA, as Bradigan’s has been one of the most frequent supporters of the campus in the area.

Graham said in the future, the campus would like to build an expansion, to partner with Armstrong Habitat for Humanity (AHFH) to build a community playground, and to offer their own transportation service to bring people outside of Kittanning to the facility.

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