The KardGard Advantage

Bradigan’s exclusively offers high quality. Bradigan’s introduces a anti-friction modifier additive to all three grades of its gasolines.The enhanced products guarantee customers increased mileage of approximately 5%. Mileage depends on driving habits, road conditions and ambient temperature.

For our diesel fuel customers, we upgrade typical No. 2 Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel to a high quality premium diesel fuel. Documented in both fleet and laboratory tests to significantly improve engine performance, increase fuel economy, and reduce exhaust emissions, Bradigan’s high quality Premium Diesel Fuel meets National Weights and Measures standards for No. Stability & Lubricity. You need a clean fuel system to maintain an efficient engine. Bradigan’s High Quality Premium Diesel Fuel will clean-up dirty fuel injectors, making them like new. Just as importantly, it will maintain fuel injectors and fuel systems, keeping them like new. When temperatures drop to subfreezing, Bradigan’s High Quality Premium Diesel Fuel will not gel. It is protected to approximately – 20 degrees Cold Filter Plug Point.

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