Maximizing your Road Trip with KardGard

Road trips.

Either you love them or you don’t. There’s hardly an in between. This year, however, with the pandemic still hurting many areas around the country and people staying closer to home, this summer might just be the summer for road trips.

And why shouldn’t it be? With social distancing taking priority in 2020, hoping in the car with the family to head out to your favorite camp site at one of Pennsylvania’s many beautiful state parks is both fun and responsible. All you have to do is survive the kids asking, “Are we there yet?” a few dozen times. Then it’s fun grilling, hiking, kayaking, and relaxing in the shade with a cold drink and a good read. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Just imagining it makes us want to take a few vacation days right now.

But since we can’t join you, we’ll just send you on your way with a full tank of our optimized fuels from KardGard! As a KardGard member, you gain access to optimized fuel for better burn and improved mileage!

  • Our engine fuels are optimized with the X-Tended Protection+ additive that boosts mileage and performance
  • Our six stations service over 25 communities in Western PA
  • Once enrolled, each transaction you make at our stations creates a computerized, comprehensive record including time and date of purchase, odometer reading (optional), type of fuel purchased, cost of purchase, fuel type, and more
  • Our stations are open 24/7
  • Full lineup of fuels offered, from non-ethanol fuel and regular grades to off-road and on-road diesel
  • All of our stations are well-lit, clean, and locally operated

The road is waiting for you, and we’re ready to get you on the road with KardGard.

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