The Salvation Army Kittanning Heating & Utility Assistance

Bradigan’s Inc. made financial donations to The Salvation Army of Kittanning. Below is a report we received from them on how those funds were used in our community. We are truly blessed to be in business amongst you fine folks, and we hope and pray for your health and happiness.

When it was needed more than ever, Bradigan’s Incorporated delivered heartwarming comfort for families in Armstrong County during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

For so many families struggling in our community and across the nation, hard times got so much harder in 2020, as the novel coronavirus threat brought sweeping changes of job and income loss, widespread school and business shutdowns, food insecurity and pushed personal and family budgets to the brink.

Under quarantine, home had the potential to take on heightened meanings of solace and safety… or, for those unable to pay their heating and utility bills, become another cold, dark place emblematic of our deepening fears.

Because of the unyielding generosity of Bradigan’s Incorporated, area struggling families could help support and lean on each other, without the worry and financial burden of wondering how to afford heating fuel. Over the cold, snowy and icy winter months when the virus surged and the wind howled, Kittanning families felt the warmth of your compassion.

From October 2020 – March 2021, the gift from Bradigan’s Incorporated Helped 6 Armstrong County households, including the working poor, single parents, the elderly and young children receive heating oil throughout the season.

These Are The People Who, Without Your Gift At This Critical Time, Would Have Felt The Compound Effects Of COVID-19 And The Cold
Throughout the months and changing times, you were there, refilling hope…

Life has been extraordinarily difficult for Jean and her adult daughter, Sara. Sara is in an unresponsive medical state, on life-sustaining equipment at home in Adrian. Jean monitors her care around the clock. 150 gallons of heating oil from this donation kept them both as comfortable as possible while they pray for a miracle.

Anne is an elderly woman recently widowed, at a time when risk of sickness, isolation, and barriers to accessing basic essentials and care are at an all time high for the vulnerable senior citizen population. She just needed a little boost with the minimum order of 15 gallons of heating oil to get her through as she navigates life in her new normal without her husband, alongside the new normal of the ongoing pandemic.

Christy & Chuck
When Chuck lost his job at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, panic struck – how would he and his wife, Christy, be able to sustain the household bills and maintain utility services while caring for their four children? The community as a whole came together to help pay a $700 debt of past-due bills to the electric company for this family, and with the Bradigan’s Incorporated donation, they also received 150 gallons of heating fuel during this time of financial strife.

Rob is a single father of five children – with no current source of income. This donation provided the family with 250 gallons of heating oil to get them through a long winter, and help them focus on regaining financial stability.

Donald is another area senior facing these trying times alone. He came to The Salvation Army in Kittanning after being forced to discard a large amount of food following an extended electricity power outage at his home. The Salvation Army filled his fridge and freezer back up with meat and other foods, and the donation from Bradigan’s provided him with 180 gallons of heating fuel to finish out the winter and have him looking forward to spring and better days.

Mildred is a senior living on a small income, with a big heating oil tank to fill. To fully stock her 1,000 gallon tank would cost over $2,000; through this donation, we were able to deliver 234 gallons of heating oil, and Mildred had $200 of her own funds to contribute, for enough to ensure her home was warm for the next several months or more.

The Salvation Army Kittanning Sincerely Thanks Everyone at Bradigan’s Incorporated for Loyal Support of Those in Need Each and Every Winter, Especially During the Pandemic Hardships of 2020-21. We Pray For Your Good Health and Prosperity Throughout A More Hopeful Year!