The Salvation Army Kittanning Heating & Utility Assistance 2022

Bradigan’s Inc. made financial donations to The Salvation Army of Kittanning. Below is a report we received from them on how those funds were used in our community. We are truly blessed to be in business amongst you fine folks, and we hope and pray for your health and happiness.

Through whipping winds, snow, and ice, Bradigan’s Incorporated delivered warmth and peace of mind for families in Armstrong County during another difficult Western Pennsylvania winter season.

Familiar and new challenges blew in with the arrival of Winter 2021-22. Covid-19 resurgence continued supply chain disruptions and rising inflation, and international conflicts profoundly affected energy and heating costs across the globe, including here at home.

Residential heating oil price averages in Pennsylvania rose roughly $1.60 per gallon between December and March this winter to $4.80, the highest price recorded in the past 30+ years.

This generous donation from Bradigan’s Incorporated came at such a crucial and critical time of economic turmoil and ongoing uncertainty, and area residents who received the gift of warmth could not be more appreciative.

From October 2021 – March 2022, the gift from Bradigan’s Incorporated helped:

5 Armstrong County households, the majority senior citizens, with heating bills that were much more expensive than they had ever anticipated. We are so blessed and thankful to share their gratitude with you!

These are your neighbors … safe and warm, because of you:


Grief can be a cold and lonely feeling; that, and more, is what Betty has been experiencing after losing her husband of nearly 50 years. Her “new normal” has been learning to live with the void; leaning on all the good memories; and assuming the responsibility of the sole head of household, with many more expenses to bear alone. Thanks to Bradigan’s Incorporated, she was able to fill her tank in October, while the weather was still mild, with $442.00 of heating oil to keep her warm along with her happy memories.

Helen & Carl

This elderly married couple faced some complications this winter when Carl underwent major back surgery. This procedure is especially challenging for someone of advanced age with preexisting mobility problems, and Helen has had her hands full helping him recuperate. Clearly, they needed comfort and warmth to promote Carl’s healing and to help those muscles move properly again. A donation of heating oil worth $465.00 ensured the best possible home environment for a speedy recovery.

Jill & Gary

This couple considered themselves fortunate to have had a steady income for themselves and three young children throughout the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic. But then, Gary was laid off from his job, just as bitterly cold weather set in. In a big old house, their heating bill became a tremendous burden, and Jill finally and tearfully sought assistance. Thanks to the kindness of Bradigan’s Incorporated, the family received nearly $950.00 in heating oil throughout the winter to get them through and help them continue to persevere and embrace new opportunities.


John is an elderly single man, who was just beginning to enjoy going out again as the Covid-19 risk waned when his car broke down and required extensive and expensive repairs. He assumed he had to make a tough choice – pay for heating oil and stay warm, or pay to repair the car, his link to doctor’s appointments, the grocery store, and visiting his grandkids. Because of this donation of nearly $470.00 worth of heating oil, John could stay comfortable and safe at home, and be back on the road as well.


Michele has been taking care of her elderly mother, who suffers from dementia, in her home for nearly a year now. She feels blessed that work-from-home has become an option with her employer during the pandemic, and she can now stay at the house with her mom at all times, instead of moving her into a nursing home. There are however many challenges and added expenses related to her mother’s round-the-clock care. The gift of $470.00 in heating oil keeps the home-work and home-care balance as cozy as possible.
*all names have been changed to maintain confidentiality & privacy

The Salvation Army Kittanning Sincerely Thanks Everyone at Bradigan’s Incorporated for Your Loyal Support of Those in Need Each and Every Winter, Especially During the Economic Uncertainties and Rapidly Rising Costs of 2021-22. We Pray For Your Good Health and Prosperity Throughout the Year!