Heating Oil Prices

Bradigan's, Inc. offers competitive home heating oil prices to Southwestern, PA including Armstrong County, Zelienople, Cranberry, Cranberry Township, Mars, Harmony, Evans City and surrounding areas. Within our heating oil pricing structure you'll notice that we offer quantity discounts. To learn more contact us today.

Quality #2 Fuel Oil


For any questions regarding our prices above, don't hesitate to contact us!

Home Heating Oil

Clean Burning Kerosene

For any questions regarding our prices above, don't hesitate to contact us!

Bradigan's Pre-Payment Plan

The Bradigan's Pre-payment plan allows customers to accumulate funds in their account prior to a delivery. Each month, you can contribute any amount to your account. The funds will be credited to your account. Then when you place an order, the money you have credited to your account can be used to help pay for that order. There are two ways that the plan can work for customers:

1. Bradigan's will send you a payment book in early spring. This book will have coupons for each month of the year. The coupons will have your account number on them and can be used to send in payments. Also, you will receive a suggested amount that is the average amount you spent for fuel oil during the past season. Paying this amount each month will allow you to spread out the cost of heating over a 12 month period. When you order fuel, the funds you have already paid are available to help offset the cost. In most cases, these credits can completely cover the cost of the delivery. This plan is especially helpful to those customers who have a regular income and like to budget their payments.

2. Bradigan's encourages all customers to send in any amount they wish to be credited to their account during the spring and summer months so that when fuel is ordered in the fall, funds are there to help cover the cost. With this plan, you can send in any amount you want at any time. If you have extra money one month, you can send it in. You can even send in more than one payment a month. And if the next month, you don't have any extra funds, that is fine. This plan works well for those customers who don't have a regular income but still want to accumulate funds towards their heating costs.

Now Offering Smart Tank Monitoring

Having to check your oil tank levels manually is a chore, and often forgotten. For a hassle-free approach, Bradigan’s inc. now offers automatic tank* monitoring with Smart Oil Gauge™!

With this wifi-connected* gauge, you can remotely monitor your fuel levels with an app, get text and email alerts when your tank is low, and get reminders from Bradigan’s when it’s time to order.  You can check your tank levels anytime, anywhere. No more running to check your tank levels and no more running out of fuel.

Right now, get a Smart Oil Gauge™ from Bradigan’s inc. for just $149.99 with installation and monitoring at no additional cost, plus receive $.10 off a gallon on your next order. Give us a call at 724-548-7654 to get started or fill out the form to request a Smart Oil Gauge.

*available for aboveground and basement oil tanks
**wi-fi required