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KardGard's motor fuels are specially treated with the X-Tended Protection+ additive that boosts mileage. At today's prices, increased mileage is very important.


From the industry’s most effective premium diesel additive to the X-Tended Protection+ that delivers superior engine protection for your car, our additives give you the peace of mind and protection.

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Eight Locations

With seven convenient locations serving over 25 communities it's easy to save money on fuel.

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By joining KardGard Refueling Club, you will be issued, free of charge, KardGard membership cards to use whenever you refuel your vehicles.

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The Motor Fuels of the Future

Bradigan's has been a supplier of motor fuels for over 60 years. In addition to very competitive prices, KardGard offer 24/SEVEN advanced motor fuels to keep your vehicles running strong.

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Using the latest card technology, KardGard members can rest assured knowing that their accounts are always safe.

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24/7 Advanced Motor Fuels Offer Significant Savings

At today's prices, buy the best gasoline and diesel fuel offered. Gasoline and Diesel Fuel that will increase mileage and burn cleaner. Available ONLY at Bradigan's 24/SEVEN KardGard Refueling Club. Better mileage at competitive prices. Expect more - get more at Bradigan's, including 3 locations with non-ethanol gasoline. Bradigan's introduces an anti-friction modifier additive to its gasoline. For its diesel fuel customers, we upgrade conventional No. 2 diesel fuel to a High Quality Premium Diesel Fuel year round. These state-of-the-art additive packages increase mileage and keep your engines running at peak performance levels. At today's prices, a 5% increase in fuel mileage is a 5% savings at the pump. Please see table below.

Cost Per Gallon Increased Fuel Mileage KardGard Savings
$2.00 5% $0.100
$2.50 5% $0.125
$3.00 5% $0.150
$3.50 5% $0.175
$4.00 5% $0.200
$4.50 5% $0.225

By joining KardGard Refueling Club, you will be issued, free of charge, KardGard membership cards to use whenever you refuel your vehicles. Each time your KardGard card is used, a comprehensive computerized record of the transaction will be created using the following important information:

  • Membership card number
  • Time and date of purchase
  • Odometer reading (optional)
  • Type of fuel purchased
  • Miscellaneous code (optional)
  • Quantity and cost of purchase
  • Breakdown of applicable taxes

Now offering Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)!

We are proud to announce that our recently installed Bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) dispensers will be active and ready for use! If you own a diesel vehicle, you may soon visit our South Water Street (Main Office) and 422 East (Rosebud Maintenance Shop) KardGard locations to purchase Bulk DEF without the hassle of handling containers or drums in your vehicle/garage.

In order to “activate” this product on your account, we will need to encode your card(s) to add DEF as a product each card is permitted to purchase. Unfortunately, the card encoder is physically located in our office and must be used on site.

Please stop by our office Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM at your convenience to have your card(s) encoded with DEF added as an authorized product.  This is a one-time process. Once DEF is added to your card/account you will be authorized to purchase DEF moving forward.

Additional Benefits

In addition to a concise, easy-to-read, monthly record of your fuel purchases, Bradigan's KardGard Refueling Club offers you the following additional benefits:

  • 24/7 availability to fuel.
  • No waiting in lines at the pump or at a cash register. Private refueling saves company time and time is money.
  • Cost-competitive, quality motor fuels.
  • Non-ethanol gas available in Kittanning, Bethlehem, and Elizabeth, PA
  • No annual credit card fees.
  • No need to carry cash or credit cards.
  • Five fuel choices: On-road low sulfur clear diesel, Regular unleaded gasoline, Super unleaded gasoline, Unleaded Plus gasoline, Off-road dyed diesel (422 East and Worthington only).
    Well maintained - well lighted - safe refueling locations
  • Locally owned and operated.
  • Over 60 years experience in the petroleum industry
  • 24/SEVEN Advanced Motor Fuel - Competitive price - Increased mileage

Elizabeth, PA KardGard

Bradigan's - Kittanning's Local Fuel Stop

With FREE Membership Card you can fuel up 24/7/365
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Non-ethanol fuel new to NB gas station

NEW BETHLEHEM – When it comes to gasoline grades, most stations offer three types of octane levels, but one local fuel-up location recently introduced another option to its line up.

Earlier this month, Bradigan’s Incorporated began offering non-ethanol gasoline at its New Bethlehem KardGuard station — previously known as Heffner Brothers — located along Broad Street as another fuel option for its members. Read More>