Valvtect Additives & Marine Gasoline and Diesel

Bradigan's Inc is a distributor of ValvTect, a well-known and industry leading brand of marine gasolines and diesel fuels.

ValvTect Marine Gasoline is "specially formulated" for marine engines and is designed to prevent the problems of ethanol gasoline, such as phase separation, moisture, poor stability and the formation of power-robbing carbon deposits.

ValvTect Marine Gasoline is "specially formulated" for your marine gasoline engine. It requires no additional fuel additives to protect your engine, eliminating any risk of improper additive use and saves time and money.


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valvtectThe industry’s most effective premium diesel additive with cetane improver that upgrades typical No.2 diesel fuel to a high cetane quality. Documented in fleet and laboratory tests to significantly improve engine performance, increase fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions. Meets truck maintenance council (TMC) intentions to give diesel engine users the best fuel economy and durability. Contains less than 15ppm of sulfur to comply with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) requirements.

  • Increases cetane up to 6.5 numbers.
  • Exceeds Cummins L-10 Superior rating (10 CRC max).
  • Cleans up injector deposits.
  • Reduces piston and combustion chamber deposits.
  • Helps prevent rust & corrosion.
  • VT-101 lubricates injectors and pumps and prevents premature wear.
  • Helps improve thermal and storage stability beyond industry standards.
  • Helps prevent sludge.
  • Increases filter life.
  • Increases power.
  • Improves heavy duty fuel economy up to 7.6%*.
  • Fuel economy documented in TMC recommended SAE (Type II test procedure.)
  • Extends injector life.
  • Helps reduce smoke and particulate.
  • Helps reduce exhaust emissions.
  • Absorbs controlled amounts of moisture to help keep tanks dry.
  • Protects against conditions that promote bacteria growth.