Motor fuels continue to evolve from conventional to ethanol blended gasoline and bio blended diesel fuel. In order to meet or exceed customer expectations of its products, Bradigan’s proactively addresses the performance problems that the new fuels may bring to the marketplace. Through the use of state-of-the-art gasoline and fuel additives, Bradigan’s assures its customers of peak performance no matter the ambient weather.

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Environmental claims can be exaggerated. – Not at Bradigan’s. Bradigan’s products and services are all about green. – They help diminish negative impacts on the environment. The motor fuels that Bradigan’s offers through its KardGard Refueling Club are fortified with anti-friction modifiers that increases fuel mileage. Motor oils and lubricants are designed and treated with state-of-the-art additive packages that increases mileage, oil drain intervals and reduces metallic wear. Energy-saving, high-efficiency furnaces and heat pumps have high SEER ratings.

Condensation accumulates on oil storage tank bottoms causing sludge build-up and corrosion. A severe amount of sludge will cause plugged fuel nozzles, clogged fuel lines and filters, damage to pumps, strainers, and foot valves. Tanks and lines located outside are subjected to frozen filters and frozen fuel lines during severe cold weather.

The HAMCO TANK CLEANING SYSTEM removes sludge, water, and impurities. The benefits of this service include a much longer tank life, many fewer mechanical breakdowns, and lower heating bills by improving burner operating efficiency.

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