Smart Oil Gauge

Having to check your oil tank levels manually is a chore, and often forgotten. For a hassle-free approach, Bradigan’s inc. now offers automatic tank* monitoring with Smart Oil Gauge™!

With this wifi-connected* gauge, you can remotely monitor your fuel levels with an app, get text and email alerts when your tank is low, and get reminders from Bradigan’s when it’s time to order.  You can check your tank levels anytime, anywhere. No more running to check your tank levels and no more running out of fuel.

Right now, get a Smart Oil Gauge™ from Bradigan’s inc. for just $149.99 with installation and monitoring at no additional cost, plus receive 5 cents off a gallon on your next order. Give us a call at 724-548-7654 to get started or contact us to request a Smart Oil Gauge.

*available for aboveground and basement oil tanks
**wi-fi required